Yellow Air Taxi Financial Status

In August 2010, a passenger in Marsh Harbour was asked if he could pay for the fuel in order to take him back to Ft. Lauderdale. He was promised he would be met by someone in Ft. Lauderdale to hand him cash for the fuel he paid. This passenger paid approximately $386 in fuel to have his flight operate. It took him almost TWO weeks to get his money back.

When you have flown on United, America or Delta, have they ever asked you to pay for the fuel??????  Probably not.. So this says a lot of this airlines financial status.

The Ticket Game

Yellow Air Taxi plays a game. Its called "I can't operate if you don't buy any tickets from me". This means that when you buy a ticket on Yellow Air Taxi, they receive the money within 5 days of the transaction. Even though your flight might not be for another 6 months, Yellow Air Taxi received your ticket money the same week you buy it.

What does this mean? When they receive the money, they SPEND it.. Basically, when it comes time for your flight, if no one else is booking any tickets for the future on Yellow Air Taxi,, they might cancel your flight because they might not have the money to pay employees or fuel.

That is why Yellow Air Taxi ALWAYS cancels flights during Holiday season. That is because those people buy those tickets BEFORE the Holiday season, and they have already recieved and spent the money.. When Holiday season comes around, they don't have any money to pay for all those flights. That's basically how it works.

Un-Paid Employeed

Yellow Air Taxi has a history of not paying employees. If you search the internet, you will find that 99% of Yellow Air Taxi ex-employees left the company because they were not being paid, and to this day, they have a balance due because they never received the money.

A previous Pilot that worked for Yellow Air told me that they do not pay pilot for about three months. That means that those pilots might have five thousand dollars in past due wages accrued. Then they hire NEW pilots, and they never call the other pilots back in to work.. This seems like a nice plan. Basically, they have Pilots flying for free all year round.

Also, many passengers have heard conversations between Gate Agent while checking in that Yellow Air Taxi has not paid them in weeks. Currently, an Agent that is working for Yellow Air Taxi told us that he is owed over two thousand dollars because he has not received a paycheck since August 2010.

If you are NOT getting paid, WHY DO YOU STILL WORK???