Yellow Air Taxi Cancellations

Yellow Air Taxi has canceled many flights throughout its operation. Currently, they canceled all flight for 3 weeks in September/October because they failed to pay the aircraft insurance. Without aircraft insurance, they are not allowed to fly at all. Shortly after coming up with the money to pay the insurance company for its past due balance, they started flying again for only 2 weeks.

Once again, all flights are canceled because the FAA discovered that a problem with the new insurance policy is imminent.  As of October 26th 2010, they have canceled all flights for at least the next two weeks. Also, Yellow Air Taxi is under investigation with the Bahamian Tourism Board for selling tickets, collecting money, and then canceling flights and not returning money to its Bahamian passengers. Many passengers have complained as you can see in an article found in the Abaconian Newspaper (Issue October 15th, 2010 under the Letters to Editor section)

Aside from the most recent canceled flights, Yellow Air Taxi encountered high cancellation rates over the fourth of July holiday season. This is due to the fact that Yellow Air Taxi USED to have four airplanes. They sold seats based on four airplanes flying back and forth to Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay and Ft Lauderdale every day. Shortly before the fourth of July, Yellow Air Taxi encountered numerous mechanical problems on two if its airplanes, that prevented them from flying. Because Yellow Air Taxi did not have the money to fix the airplanes, flights were canceled and passengers where stranded, with no advance warning.

Many passengers had to charter airplanes from other companies to come and pick them up. To this day, Yellow Air Taxi has not refunded any money to these stranded passengers, as they are now ignoring phone calls and emails to them.

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Passenger Comments on Airline (No Refunds):


By LocalTouris on Coconut Telegraph

It has been almost a month since Yellow Air Taxi canceled our flight and the promised refund has yet to appear. Nor have I ever heard from anyone at Yellow Air Taxi. Just another example of their, "Personalized Service".

Apparently they are still flying. Of course after the way they have handled my situation, I will never be one of them. Hopefully they will get whatever problems they have solved. Good Luck. I'll provide an update if/when the refund is made.

By RoyalPower on Coconut Telegraph

I feel with you! But I guess you don't get your money back. I am waiting for a refund since..... I don't know. October?!?! The last contact I have had with Beth was in November and they promised me to refund the money via Paypal. But I didn't receive a single cent yet. I contacted the BBB and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Hope they can do something.

The BBB rating about YAT says everything!

I recommend everybody to avoid this unprofessional airline and their bad customer service!

Written by Green Turtle Club Review

Avoid using Yellow Air Taxi, they were highly unreliable.


By Tinger54 on Abaco Forum

My flights were both cancelled in oct. with out notice. I too am nervous because i have 5 seats round trip booked for christmas week. They are answering the phone here and there. i have had trouble getting a refund for my tickets and free round trip tickets were promised. Beth is part of this forum, she is with YAT.


By Cookie909 on Coconut Telegraph

Got an email from them at 3:50 asking to contact them. I called, they told me the flight tomorrow was cancelled due to "mechanical problems." Now I am stuck in Ft Lauderdale with no way to get to Treasure Cay.

Lady on the phone said she leaves at 4 and had a train to catch. I said I have a plane to catch, and she needs to service her customer. She checked other flights, all full (Continental and Twin Air).

Now what am I supposed to do??? Camp out at the YAT counter? Swim??? I cannot believe someone at Yellow Air did not even call me (they have my cell #) and waited until the last minute to contact me, without even telling me in the email what the problem was. This is so ridiculous. I would like to support the little guys, but they are making it so difficult. I am worried about the return flight now. Although I'd rather be stuck in Abaco than FLL.


By Tourist101 Coconut Telepgraph

YAT wished us Merry Christmas today by sending me an email canceling our flight on Sunday! They did not have the decency to call to let us know in person!!

Just last week they promised that they would not cancel and would make sure that we got to Abaco this weekend. This just confirms the suspicions I had ever since we made reservations with them this past September. They initially screwed up the dates and then never sent me the promised confirmation of the reservations until a couple of weeks ago.

Due to the difficulty of getting the reservations placed correctly last September. I decided to make other arrangements, because after my brief encounter with YAT, I had no confidence in them.

So a couple of days after I made the reservations, I attempted to cancel and was told that the fare was not refundable. At that time, they promised that they would be flying or would make other arrangements for us. (they are doing neither)

Well I'll be getting my refund now that they have canceled us. I suspect that Yellow Air Taxi will soon be added to the list of defunct air carriers that once flew to Abaco. (Airways International, Vintage......)

I am not surprised at all by their actions. Not only have they cost us a much needed vacation, But I'll have the expense of having our boat splashed at Marsh Harbor Boatyard for no reason.

In retrospect, I should have trusted my gut instead of YAT and made arrangements for another flight. Then we would have enjoyed New Years in Abaco as we have for the last 13 years.